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VBay Global Plant-Based Trading Market Merchant Terms



Plant-Based Merchant Terms

Herewith, we lay out the simple and understandable terms & conditions for our merchants.

1.  All merchant's products must be plant-based, ethical, sustainable, eco- friendly & cruelty free or supportive of the plant-based vision.

2.  Merchants wishing to join must agree to these terms. 

3.  Merchants are free to join our platform.

4.  Merchants will be charged an 6% sales tax (commision) on all and every sale they make from their market platfom. 

5. Merchants from NPO's & charities have free entry and Free use of all site facilities 

This will be made visible to customers and merchants to drive global change.

6. VBay reserves the right to verify and remove stores or products which are not in keeping with the VBay mission.

7. The VBay platform has been designed for the start-up and small business sectors, to include them in the local and global plant-based trade market.

It is designed to be interactive, to reduce marketing costs for the small business owner, and to expose them to their target audience.

We will never charge more than 6% commission. 

8. VBay offers small businesses the opportunity to have their own online trading platform, linked to the seller's social and marketing platforms.

9. VBay is also designed to scale the growth of small business owners through technology and marketing strategies.  

10. Any abuse will be removed without notice from the VBay platform without refund.

Please respect the use of the VBay platform.

11.Merchants in South Africa must use payfast as payment gateway. 

Get payfast here







We offer merchants full integration flexibility alongside a host of payment features.

Whether you use an existing shopping cart system or have a custom built website, PayFast is the go-to payment facilitator for all businesses.

As a Merchant you will require a Payfast Account payfast is free also to join and we require your payfast merchant id to be placed into your Payfast gateway Tab Under Accounts

You will recieve seemless and un-interupted business transactions into your account as it happens on your store front you will recieve your sales price payment made by the customer less our 6% sales tax.

Sign up for a payfast account 

Learn how to link your payfast merchant account with us 


International Merchants please use Paypall unless you have a South African Bank account then use payfast 


What will This Cost

1. As a Customer making purchases from the VBay merchants, the service will be free of charge to enter. 

2. As an NPO, in line with the VBay Global Change Activation, the service is free to onboard.

10% of all and every earned commission  from the VBay platform will be donated to these NPO's.

It is the customer's choice whom he will support from the list of  subscribed NPO's.

3. For the Merchant, VBay is Free to sign up as a merchant we offer the following: 

a. An online shop for the Merchant's plant-based products or services where all products can be displayed.

b. The Merchant store will be linked to his existing social media marketing platforms for ease of marketing, radically reducing marketing expenses.

c. Geolocation for potential customers to find your business and it's products in their area, anywhere in the world.

d. Delivery options which may be set to the Merchant's own existing billing options.

e. Online payment options set to the Merchant's own pricing which enables the Merchant to take online orders and payments from his customers. An e-commerce shopfront.

d. A communication interface to speak directly to the developers for online assistance while setting up their stores.

e. A backdoor key to enable the Merchant free access to statistics, analytics, orders, revenue and expenses.

f. Further packages will be available to run promotions, coupon systems, discounts, gift cards and marketing banners.

g. A fully functional invoicing, billing and email system to keep the Merchant's customer in the loop of their payments, purchases and delivery.

h. High online security for the Merchants financial e-commerce transactions, in keeping with bank standards.

i. Full visibility and accessability to all the Merchant's analytics for financial record keeping.

j. The opportunity for the Merchant and customer to connect and shake hands in the target plant-based community, to trade and sell products that the community has previously found hard to source.

To connect to the global family of change through supporting registered NPO's.


"The greatest convenience for the plant-based community."


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