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VBay Global Plant-Based Trading Market Statement


Our Vision

VBay offers at the fraction of traditional cost, all the latest technology to promote a sustainable trade platform for all plant-based communities and contributors.

From creating a personalised online store, equiped with geo-locators, payment and delivery options, and a healthy focus on environmental support structures, this comes as a first to the plant-based community.

We identified the need for one online trading platform from extensive market and product availability research.

VBay's vision is to create a more sustainable way of living, where global issues such as climate change, plant-based lifestyles, animal welfare and activism all come together in strengthening the heartfelt cause.

Driving the absolute necessity we all face towards change.

This platform enables people to find solutions to these pressing questions.

It is a fully functional e-commerce platform where business and trade can flow with ease, made accessible in all the aspects that an average website cannot compare with in their standard set-up and marketing cost.

The VBay platform invisions a future where the plant-based community have their own portal of trade and services, driving it towards a future where the talk of the last 30 years can finally start making impactful global change.

The need to address these issues are strongly underlined through the use of this platform, hence the developer team had it as their firts priority to make it affordable, but fully functional to its users.

 Our Mission

To provide a plant-based global trade platform which adresses pressing global environmental issues.

To enable the plant-based community to unify online, exposing them to their target market.

To create an interactive environment through state-of-the-art technology to raise the small business owner into a profitable organisation, able to sell and compete with other traders and customers.

To support NPO's by funding them through the sales generated from the VBay platform.

To encourage serious investors to put their weight behind the global concerns.

To reduce the cost of online marketing and sales through a combined effort of increased awareness, convenience and product availability.

To offer a portal which will lift the small business owner and aid in resstoring healthy lifestyles, and a healthy plant-based economy.

To offer accessibility to the consumer looking for plant-based alternatives, enabling change.


At the core of the VBay platform, sits the heart of communities who understand the difficulties of finding plant-based products and services at profitable, sustainable and meaningful avenues.

They have attempted online selling and understand that for the small business, it is hard to make a sustainable profiit whilst still in the first stages of their business growth. 

They are supportive of global change and what it needs, but are unable to generate the income need from it. 

They are aware of the limitations because we simply cannot get the word around.

VBay supports the global need for climatic, animal welfare and health change. 

We are fully aware of the effort it will require to become a global initiative.

VBay was born from these same concerns.

Through a joint effort by the developer team, the idea soon became a goal, and the development was carefully researched to understand the struggles in the plant-based trading community. 

In order to make a global impact, we have created the VBay platform to assist not only one another, but the animals, the planet, the children of the future and the current state of affairs in global economics.

In supporting theVBay platform, a new face is born into tangible solutions.

It is our absolute vision to enable everyone who would like to support the cause, to join hands, come onboard, generate income streams for themselves, whilst making a difference in the larger scale of global concerns.

This joint effort will also support NPO's in animal welfare, protection and conservation, as well as communities involved institutions for food agriculture and health organisations. 

This platform is available to anyone realising that the time is ripe for global, impactful change.

Vbay...be the change!


"The greatest convenience for the plant-based community."





The VBay portal is now LIVE and ready to onboard!

VBay is an online, e-commmerce plant-based global community trading platform where we can drive the CHANGE we have all been talking about for 30 years..

Developed with the latest technology, able to LIFT the small business owners by saving radically on marketing cost.

Geolocation offers YOUR business to present your products right in your niche, in your area.

NPO's are invited to onboard free, as 10% of all trade will be donated to the causes we are all passionate about.


Because change needs ACTION to build a better future!

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