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What is VBay Global Plant-Based Trading Platform?

VBay Global is a location-based, mobile-ready, comprehensive sales and marketing platform that gives consumers & merchants a convenient way to trade online, local at first, expanding globally.

What does VBay offer as a solution to small plant-based businesses?

It offers one collaborated, cost-effective solution, helping small businesses grow, gain traction globally in the vegan target market and compete against the national giants.

VBay Global is ideal for small Vegan & Plant-Based businesses who have yet to take their marketing efforts online without losing profits.

Our solution gives them an e-commerce marketplace, similar to that of an Amazon or EBay without the accossiated costs

What is included when a Merchant signs up for our Global Plant-Based Trading Platform?

Included are the following:

  1. A VBay fully functional E-commerce Trading Platform
  2. Connectivity directly to consumers, suppliers and services in the plant-based target market.
  3. No additional lay-out costs towards a website, advertising and maintenance.
  4. A free app.
  5. Customised delivery options with On-Demand Technology
  6. Specific geo-location.
  7. Coupon system & loyalty awards systems to keep customers coming back.

How Much is it to Join as a Merchant

VBay is FREE to join as a trading merchant. 

We only charge an 8% sales tax (commission) on each sale you make through our platform.  

As we grow, we will be providing merchants with a business app and our customers with a customer app.  

VBay is offering this FREE entry as we understand the diffuculties involved in starting online busines.   

Our core is to provide the small businesses an entry into the E-commerce world of trading without the huge start-up cost.

What is Required as a Merchant


To be able to have your sales transfered seemleesly to you and into your bank account you are required to open a payfast account and link your payfast merchant id to your new store. 

To do this please follow these instructions > How to link your payfast to your store

How Much is it to Join as a Customer

VBay is a FREE -to-use trading platform for customers to purchase products from our reliable and verifyed merchants. 

On our platform we offer discounts, rewards, loyalty points and many other benefits to our customers worldwide.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via the links below


The greatest convenience for the plant-based community.




The VBay portal is now LIVE and ready to onboard!

VBay is an online, e-commmerce plant-based global community trading platform where we can drive the CHANGE we have all been talking about for 30 years..

Developed with the latest technology, able to LIFT the small business owners by saving radically on marketing cost.

Geolocation offers YOUR business to present your products right in your niche, in your area.

NPO's are invited to onboard free, as 10% of all trade will be donated to the causes we are all passionate about.


Because change needs ACTION to build a better future!

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