How to link your payfast merchant account to your Vbay Global Store

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How to link Your Payfast merchant account

Part 1.Open a payfast account if you already have skip to part 2

Advice:  If you do not have a registered business register as a individual and fill in the business forms online.

How to verify on payfast

Your proof of address your Proof of south African bank account and your id are required to verify

You can still register before you verify your payfast account with Vbay Global as any sales you make during this waitng period your funds are kept with payfast, once you verify your funds then are released to your bank account.

Part 2. Find your Payfast merchant id in your payfast dasboard and copy this into your payfast dropdown under payments in your account section in your vbay store dasboard.

Part 3. Enable your payment gateways in your payfast account 

Part 4. Enjoy seemles and live payments of your sales from your vbay store!

Any issues please contact us