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The good news is that the majority of people in the world want to do good.

They want to make a change, an impact.

They are the ones who understand the importance of change and who are willing to make every effort towards it.


There are many different ways to make a contribution to sustainable living.

The plant-based way of living made sense to us. It supports the core of all our fundamental values, builds towards a better future, sustains the planet and just has all the "feel good" factors.


The vision of a Global Plant-Based Market was born to bring together this community.

A community of supporters, a family in the plant-based change who will carry the same vision forward.


We present you with

VBay Global Plant-Based Trading Market

The first of it's kind - A platform where all plant-based merchants and service providers, buyers and supporters can come together as a trading community.

This platform leads with the best technology, bringing great accessibility to plant based products and services.

Search your product with geo-locators - Order online - Have it delivered -




The greatest convenience for the plant-based community.


plant based trading

Welcome to the new way of Trading...


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